Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sandy Sparkle in Bee Beautiful Vintage Style

Sandy Sparkle sent me a photo of her shining self wearing the Retro Suit she purchased from me at my online etsy shop; Bee Beautiful Vintage.
"GREETINGS from the UK Kayla! Sorry this has been so long in coming, but as promised - here I am, pictured last weekend performing for a 40's & 50's JIVE WEEKEND and also for a 1940's vintage wedding - wearing the BEAUTIFUL suit I purchased from you! I absolutely LOVE it! There are some more shots on my main FB page. Looking forward to buying some more lovely items from you soon! ... smile emoticon SANDY x"

The picture below is my model Justine wearing the same suit. At least the suit got to travel on a vintage treasure quest to the United Kingdom....hope I get over there some day to explore the Vintage Life movement and festivals for fabulous finds!