Saturday, November 14, 2015

Vintage Country Goddess

Who am I?  I am a vintage country goddess. Vintage is the key word here. Back in the 50's, riding in the back of our families' fire-engine red Ford station wagon, every August on the way to Yellowstone National Park, I would dream and create exciting fantastical adventures... With myself as the heroine, of course. In the caves along the rivers I imagined finding treasures and exotic lost worlds, becoming their beloved Goddess dressed in luminous slinky dresses and radiant jewels (you've seen the movies, right??) Over the years I did travel to exotic places and my love of the history embodied in wonderful works of ancient artifacts, such as Tibet, Ireland and India, was born.

Over the last 40 years a parallel love was evolving in my admiration of vintage collectibles and handicrafts, particularly those created and worshiped by women in this country. My sister Lyn had a hand in this being an avid antique-r and we continue to exalt in our 'hunt for treasures'. I found in these vintage items a much deeper understanding and sense of the incredible history of the USA. In exploring the art and artisans who created costume jewelry, I found out how the compassionate idea of giving shelter to the poor, the exploited, the destitute from other countries brought unlimited creative genius here or what it must have been like to be in a country at war with limited resources, or to be a woman without the vote. I still see each piece of costume jewelry from the 30's as a tiny hand wrought sculpture to bring a smile during the depression or in the 40's as mood-lifter during WW2 or a out-of-this-world conversation novelty at the cocktails parties of the 50's. I saw amazing creativity and a place for women to show independent artistry in the marvelous history of women's hats. The aprons women created in the 50's are like forerunners of the psychedelic posters of the 60's, where did that come from? Purses and compacts and boxes (why do women loooove boxes??), perhaps the Jungian expressions of our woman's jewel case? I also love fur, a sensual childhood experience of having a beaver muff and hat clinched that, and though I would never buy a new fur, I do offer some vintage fur hats, coats, collars, chokers and muffs. Silk satin lingerie... do I even have to go there? Love, love love... 

So in my ETSY store: 
Luminous Lady Vintage I will offer you the fruits of this passionate search for the shining vintage treasures of this world. On my other stores in Etsy: Bee Beautiful Vintage with exotic and Mod attire and Shangri-la Treasures and Thankas, you can find the treasures to nurture the more exotic, luminous spiritual world in your heart.

Vintage Travel Back in Time

I thought that for my first 'On the Road Vintage' entry it would be fun to go back in time to one of my favorite vintage outfits; A VINTAGE CAR. Yes, in the 80's I owned an orange and black 40 Ford Pickup, then a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville, then a cool sky blue Mustang convertible as my personal succession of cars. Our family cars included a 40 Ford black and white convertible, a 40 ford cherry red 2 door sedan, a navy blue 4 door sedan, a 40 Ford unfinished coupe, a 40 Ford tan and brown pick-up truck and a Lincoln Zepher. Our house was falling down but we had a lot of fun at car rallys ;-)
 This truck was hot!! A big engine that roared and a lot of muscle to drive.....

 I was told that this Cadillac Eldorado Seville was the car of choice for the 'Men in Black' in the 50's!

 A little vintage fashion 80's artist style; a 40's crinkle rayon quilted jacket, a Huiochol beaded bracelet, purple leggings, beaded crystals necklacce, zuni thunderbird inlay bracelet, purple & black striped tunic sweater, black crinkle cotton skirt, iridescent thread black scarf and Tibetan shoulder purse and clogs....Holy Moly check out the attitude....leaning on our family 40 Ford (what else) truck.
 This car was my fun freedom machine when I moved out to Green Gulch Farm Zen Center on the coast (after Norman died). The ocean breeze, my hair flying, sunsets alone on Abalone Beach....just my car and me and my grief...
 Big Blue, the family car that was a tank to drive and me as a hippy chick re-living the 60's.