Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yikes the Summer's Almost Over

Fall Fashion Preview
I am swamped getting ready for David's 70th birthday party and our subsequent 10 day trip to the coast, but I just had to show you some of the dresses from the fashion shoot we just did. They were so fantastic and then with the added dimension of Sarah my model and my styling wizardry they just look out of this world. OK not so modest about my stylin capacity. I will be posting them in my spare time (ha ha) now and in August between trips, on Luminous Lady Vintage. If you see one you just have to have now, let me know and I will post it next so it can be purchased. Blessings!

Swanky Retro 30s Red Rose on White Tea Dress . Vintage 80s Garden Party Midi . Stunning Chic Style . Riveting Fabric . D C Fashions label .

#Retro80sRoseDress    Purchase Here

Stunning 30s Black Crepe Party Dress . Art Deco . Crochet & Sequin Bodice . Red Ruched Cumber-bun . Chic Midi LBD or Maxi Gown . Myrna Loy .

#30sLBDRedWow     Purchase Here

Vintage 40s Black Crepe Cocktail Dress . Film Noir Mystery Woman LBD . Night Sky Black & Silver Galaxy Sequin Accent . Peplum . The Thin Man  

#40sBlackSequin  Purchase Here


Retro 30's Fall Floral Tea Dress . Chic Vintage 80s Autumn Rhapsody Day Dress . Flirty Peplum . PHOEBE label . Vermilion Green Brown Floral  

 #Retro80sFallDress    Purchase Here

Cherry Red 50s New Look Dress . Classic Vintage Mid Century Party Dress . Rockabilly Swing Circle Skirt . Lady in Red . Audrey Hepburn .

#50sLadyinRed  Purchase Here

Exotic 1950s Cheongsam Sheath . Vintage Black Asian Quality Brocade Dress . Oriental Chinoiserie Shift . Chic . Frank Brush Designer label .

 #50sBrocadeSheath   Purchase Here

Vintage 70s Op Art Mod Maxi Gown . Geek Gal Glamour . Digital Orange-Red Green White Design Skirt . Chic Retro Black Knit Bodice .R&K Knits

#Modern70sHostess  Purchase here

Swinging 60s Psychedelic Shift . Neon Colored Paisley Cheongsam . Hot Pink Vermilion Magenta Green Black Jersey Dress . Asian Hostess Gown .

#Psychedelic70sHostess  Purchase Here

Retro 40's Leopard Blue Suit . Vintage 80s Madonna Era Cerulean Jacquard Suit . APOSTROPHE label . Double Peplum Jacket . Pencil Skirt . 8 .

#Retro80sCatSuit  Purchase Here





I will add another group of 60's psychedelic and patio dresses that we shot, but right now I'm off to dreamland.