Sunday, January 3, 2016

Preview Winter Coats

RE-VIEW: Winter Wonderland Coats
Since it's that luminous, sparkling white and chilly snizzly time of year again, I thought I would remind you of all the warm, cozy and stylish vintage coats I have in my 2 stores on etsy. The models are 2 friends 'of a certain age' that graciously modeled coats for me when my vintage storage room was bursting at the seams with yummy new vintage treasures of the outer-wear kind. 

My dear friends Jeri and Jane, amazons at 5'10" (lucky dogs) size large, to give you a comparative size and length for the coats are having a good time here. David did the photo shoot and I ran around doing my favorite job, which is styling them with hats, jewelry, gloves and purses. It was a blast...from the past ;-)  #StyleInspirationTips BELOW.

When stylin' my models I love to use a combination of vintage eras in accessorizing the clothing, the key being to make; the colors harmonious, the design of the lines compatible, something sparkly to add some bling-zing and the occasional prop such as train cases, umbrellas etc for historical interest. #fashionstylist
Edwardian Silk Seal Plush Coat
A black Edwardian 1918 Silk Seal Plush Coat
shown with 1930s Feather & Velvet Tilt Hat. Purchase here.
#edwardian #EdwardianCoat #AntiqueCoat

Swing Opera Coat
Black Velveteen 50's / 60's Swing Opera Coat shown with 1930's Velvet Pixie Hat with Celluloid Deco Hat Pin, large 40's Rhinestone Brooch and Patent Leather Hat Case. Purchase here.
#VelveteenSwingCoat  #VintageOperaCoat #VintageFashion

Yummy Chocolate 50's Boucle Swing Coat with 50's Metal-weave Box Purse, 50's Rhinestone Brooch, 40's Tilt Hat and Patent leather train Case. Purchase here.
#SwingCoat #50sVintageSwing #Vintage50scoat
Retro 70's does 30's Pink Suede Midi Coat with Sheepskin collar and hem, White 50's Gloves and 40's Pink Straw Tilt Hat with plaid taffeta ribbon and raffia flowers. Purchase here.
#VintagePinkSuede #70sfashion #WowzaFashion
Woman of  Noir Mystery London Fog Teal Trench Coat in high quality brushed wool twill with Black Straw 40's Picture Hat. Purchase here.
#vintageLondonfFog #VintageTrenchCoat #SpyTrench
Dressy 50's /60's Black Wool Swing Coat with Velveteen Cuffs and Removable Fox Collar, shown with Spanish Burgundy 40's Tilt Toque and 2 huge clear Rhinestone mandala brooches. 40's 
Purchase here. #50sSwingCoat #VintageSwingCoat #winterstyle
60's Mocha Wool Coat with Mink Collar & really cute 30's Pixie Fur Trimmed Tilt. 
Purchase here. #VintageWoolCoat #60sfashion #60swintercoat

Wowza! Vintage Tomato Red Jacket . Retro 50's does Victorian Revival . Goddess plus size . Lady Suzette label . WPL10640 label (1941 > 59) Purchase here. #VintageRedJacket #RetroFashion #VictorianRevival

Vintage Fleurette Camel Hair Swing Coat . Retro 80's does 50's . California Couture . Yum Warm Caramel . Winter Overcoat . High Fashion . Purchase here. #CamelhairSwingCoat #Retro80sFashion #VintageSwingCoat

Sophisticated Vintage 70's Coat . Mocha Worsted Wool . Maze Soutache Cording Collar & Cuffs . B Exclusive label . Purchase here. #Vintage70sCoat #winterstyle #VintageCoat

Classic Boxy Vintage 40's Navy Coat . Swanky Wool Sheen Gabardine . Fall to Winter Classy Retro Warmth . COOPER'S & Recovery Board labels . Purchase here. #VintageCoat #VintageFashion #FortiesFashion

30's Vintage Swagger Coat . Fine Navy Wool Gabardine . Midi Swing A line style . Hand Tailored . Forstmann & Recovery Board label . Swanky. Purchase here. #VintageSwaggerCoat #vintagevibes #vintageboutique

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