Monday, August 1, 2016

Vintage Patio Dress Passion

Luminous Lady Vintage and Bee Beautiful Vintage will be on vacation August 18 through August 28.


Summer Photo-shoot Preview Two Too
Well David's Birthday party was delightful; perfect weather, great food with thanks to my lovely helpers, lively shining guests and a birthday boy unsure if this was a day to celebrate or not (the big 70) but who joined in the fun with gratitude for everybody's affection. Sunday was to be a day of rest but everything changed again, when we went to Joseph and being soooo tired I missed a step on a coffee house deck and went flying, fracturing a finger and spraining my foot. Yeowww it hurt all the way home!

So since I am now a splint-fingered typist I'll stop and go add some more of the last photo shoot pictures, that will be going up on my 2 etsy stores ASAP. Due to the UK & Vintage Life popularity of the 50's Patio Dresses, that I am always on the look out for, I'll start with those!
Feminine FlirtyYellow Floral Chiffon Patio Dress with flocking and stiffened ruffles.
#Vintage50sPatioDress Purchase Here

Sassy Lime Green Floral Chiffon Patio Dress with lace edged double-mint ruffle skirt and matching blouse. #50sGreenPatioDress Purchase Here

Cream & Green Goddess Patio Dress with lace edged tiered ruffle skirt and on/off shoulder bodice.
#SwingRockabillyDress Purchase Here

Red Hot Mama Dotted Swiss Off Shoulder Patio Dress with Jane Russell in 'The Outlaw' allure.
#60sMexicanPatioDress Purchase Here

Then a few 60's shifts and Pucci like day glow patterned dresses.







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