Monday, September 5, 2016

Questing for Vintage Treasure in Utah


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Sometimes we take Red Red Robin, our retro trailer, out on our vintage treasure quests. The month of May found us at a campground in Utah.

Down the road we found a great antique store in the town of Brigham City.

The store had pretty much everything you might want. Care for an antique commode?

Or a Victorian stereoscope?

Perhaps a hot antique racing car is more to your taste?

The Porche was certainly my idea of pastry, and I gave some thought to draining our savings account to buy it at the bargain price of only $18,000. But it would not fit in the back of our car, so no sale.

Unfortunately no cloths either, so we headed back to Red Red Robin to rest our tired feet, and have a bit of a snack. 

I guess Kayla was more tired than I thought, because she doesn't usually feed popcorn to the floor.

From Perry we pressed on into south central Utah, headed for Moab, when oooops .... problems with Red Red Robin's tires, and we pulled off in the tiny town of Helper. While I fiddled with the tires, Kayla ran across the street to an antique store where she discovered the most amazing cloths from the 1930s and 1940s.  

Just as she was settling in to a major buying adventure I ran in and began to drag her out. "If we don't get 10 miles down the road to Price in the next 45 minutes we are going to have a flat tire here in the middle of the Utah high desert. We have to leave now to get to the tire store before it closes." I did not even have my camera at hand because this was so serious. I could see what was on Kayla's mind: "Oh no, shopping vs flat tire!!!"  A difficult choice for her, but not for me. She was barely started into some serious collecting when we shoved off. Sigh, sigh.  Well leaving such a treasure trove is better than being stranded on the side of the highway with a flat tire.  Well, Kayla thoutht "Maybe it is."

Well that is vintage treasure questing some times. X marks the spot, you start to dig and the fates blow you away.  To return?

---- David

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