Sunday, July 19, 2015

ENDS WELL Antiques

Just outside the west gate to Many Glacier Lodge is the teensy seasonal town of Babb Montana. On an afternoon outing up to Logan Pass to meditate overlooking St. Mary's waterfall-graced emerald valley, we stopped to get gas. I finally was able to run across the street to the Ends Well antique store and was pleased to see a richly stocked store full of treasures.

All's well that ends well.

Doreen Snyder told me she and a dog were the last ones to leave town as winter approached, definitively a seasonal store, snow up to the roof most years!

Vintage treasures galore, so interesting to see what might be available here on the Blackfeet Reservation.

 I found a great 40's black coat, a 30's navy "blue eagle National Recovery Act label" Clutch and a 40's Corde Clutch in the few minutes I was 'allowed' by my ever patient husband. Actually now that he's the photographer for my stores, we both have a good time as he loves chattin up the locals.

 So if you are in the very isolated east side of Glacier National Park and start gettin' the shakes from going cold turkey for the want of an vintage fix, come on down to Ends Well and imbibe that historical aroma!
ENDS WELL . Mo Tauer Hartjes & Doreen Snyder . Box 42 .  Hwy 89 . Babb, Mt. 59411
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